• Low maintenance prefinished Door Frame Systems that are ready to install as is, or can be painted/stained with exceptional results.
  • Dura-Tech™ is built on the very successful, rot resistant Dura-Frame™ substrate, and laminated with the highest performance PVC film in the market, making Dura-Tech™ low maintenance, easy to clean, easy to paint, and will last for decades without fading.
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  • Rot Resistant

  • Pre-Finished

  • Low Maintenance

Advanced Manufacturing

Dura-Tech™ Stand Up to the Elements

Dura-Tech™ PVC Film Technology

  • Dura-Tech™ is laminated with a high-durability PVC film
  • Dura-Tech™ ’s film technology has been used in the Window and Door industry for over 25 Years
  • Our Dura-Tech™ film utilizes a variety of high-performance modifiers that vastly improves the impact and scratch resistance of the film
  • The Dura-Tech™ film has UV stabilizers added to resist fading and maintain it’s finish over the life of the product


  • Low Maintenance, easy to clean finish
  • Highly scratch and dent resistant
  • Excellent paintable/stainable surface that will eliminate paint peeling issues
  • 15-Year Finish Warranty

Dura-Frame™ Alaskan Yellow Cypress (Cedar) Technology

  • Alaskan Yellow Cypress has unique natural compounds that make it highly resistant to rot, decay, mold, fungus, and insect attacks.
  • These natural compounds do not wash out over time, like other rot-resistant woods do. Alaskan Yellow Cypress will last for hundreds of years in contact with the ground.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cypress has been used for centuries in many rot-proof and weather-resistant applications.

Applications for Alaskan Yellow Cypress:

  • Japanese Temples (Lasting over 500 years)
  • Native American Totem Poles and Canoes
  • Dock Systems
  • Boat Hulls and Decks
  • Decking and Siding
  • Stadium Seating
  • Water Resevoirs
  • Chemical Tanks

Finish Options

VCST Swatch
UV Resistant White Stipple
VCCW Swatch
UV Resistant White Embossed
VCWG Swatch
Tan Embossed
VCFG Swatch
Fir Grain

Helpful Information

Commonly Asked Questions

Are door frame components able to be customized to customer specifications?

Yes; widths, profiles, and lengths of door frame components can be customized to meet customer specifications.

What are the widths of door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures door frames up to 12 inches in width.

What are the overall lengths for door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures standard sizes including:

  • 2/8
  • 3/0
  • 6/8
  • 8/0

As well as custom specifications up to 17/0 in length.

What is the typical lead time?

For most products, we ship with a standard 2-week lead time.