• Composite, lifetime warranty door frame systems that are made to last in even the harshest environments.
  • Dura-Plast composite frames are made with a high-performance blend of PVC and wood flour, that is specifically formulated to resist warping, splitting, and color-fading.
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  • Rot Resistant

  • Low Maintenance

  • Extreme Weather Durability


Advanced Manufacturing

Dura-Plast™ Rot-Free, Worry-Free Performance

Dura-Plast™ Composite Technology

  • Dura-Plast™ is made of a proprietary formulated composite that is designed to be the best performing, no-compromise composite door frame system on the market.
  • The composite formula is made of high-performance PVC and wood flour, which gives the composite frame much more rigidity and resistance to warping than other composite door frames.


  • Prevents warping, rotting, and splitting
  • Resistance to color-fading
  • Easily machined, just like wood components

Finish Options

PFPRI Swatch
PFWCP Swatch
White Cap
PFWGN Swatch

Helpful Information

Commonly Asked Questions

Are door frame components able to be customized to customer specifications?

Yes; widths, profiles, and lengths of door frame components can be customized to meet customer specifications.

What are the widths of door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures door frames up to 12 inches in width.

What are the overall lengths for door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures standard sizes including:

  • 2/8
  • 3/0
  • 6/8
  • 8/0

As well as custom specifications up to 17/0 in length.

What is the typical lead time?

For most products, we ship with a standard 2-week lead time.