• Dura-Frame™ uses Alaskan Yellow Cypress, one of the most durable and rot-resistant woods on the planet, finger jointed to the bottom of premium, sustainably harvested pine.
  • Dura-Frame™ is guaranteed for life, against rot, decay, and insect damage.
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  • Rot Resistant

  • Sustainably Harvested

  • Ready to Paint

Advanced Manufacturing

Dura-Frame™ The Natural Solution for Rot-Free Door Systems

Dura-Frame™ Alaskan Yellow Cypress (Cedar) Technology

  • Alaskan Yellow Cypress has unique natural compounds that make it highly resistant to rot, decay, mold, fungus, and insect attacks.
  • These natural compounds do not wash out over time, like other rot-resistant woods do. Alaskan Yellow Cypress will last for hundreds of years in contact with the ground.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cypress has been used for centuries in many rot-proof and weather-resistant applications.

Applications for Alaskan Yellow Cypress:

  • Japanese Temples (Lasting over 500 years)
  • Native American Totem Poles and Canoes
  • Dock Systems
  • Boat Hulls and Decks
  • Decking and Siding
  • Stadium Seating
  • Water Resevoirs
  • Chemical Tanks

Finish Options

PFPRI Swatch

Helpful Information

Commonly Asked Questions

Are door frame components able to be customized to customer specifications?

Yes; widths, profiles, and lengths of door frame components can be customized to meet customer specifications.

What are the widths of door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures door frames up to 12 inches in width.

What are the overall lengths for door frame components that G-M Wood Products offers?

G-M Wood Products manufactures standard sizes including:

  • 2/8
  • 3/0
  • 6/8
  • 8/0

As well as custom specifications up to 17/0 in length.

What is the typical lead time?

For most products, we ship with a standard 2-week lead time.